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chef AARON 

​I love to cook.

In the 18 or more years of Night Kitchen, Aaron has gotten the chance to cook so in so many situations and places and for so many different people.  From farms to rooftops to galleries to parks to cramped apartment kitchenettes, he’s cooked in them all.  

A long time self-taught and eventually French Culinary Institute trained cook, Aaron considers cooking to be a life long adventure of learning and discovery.  He hopes to continue to explore new and old culinary ideas in the years to come.

He is a proud husband to Sophie and father to two awesome kids.


Event Coordinator

Some people love a great party so much they literally go to school to learn how to make them better.  That’s Angela. She has been called the “Queen of Extraordinarily Helpful and Detailed Emails.” 

Angela brings bubbly joy mixed with the precision of an experienced stage manager.  

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